Dining at The Chamberlin in Hampton, Virginia

The Chamberlin Dining Experience

Dining at The Chamberlin provides a delicious journey into the bounty of fresh ingredients available to us year-round in Hampton, VA. Our executive chef and culinary team prepares elegant meals every day, filled with flavor, enjoyable and nutritious. Enjoy a lovely dinner in our sophisticated dining room or grab a snack in the Officer’s Club after your morning workout in our Hygeia Club. Great dining experiences play an essential role in our community, offering opportunities to get to know your neighbors, celebrate special occasions with panoramic views of Chesapeake Bay. What could be more enticing than catching the aroma of freshly baked breads or the intoxicating whiff of a sumptuous meal as you relax in front of the fire? Nothing says home better than a fine meal among friends and family.

“I love our residents and love cooking for them. It is the best job I’ve ever had, seeing them enjoy the food I have made for them. So using fresh herbs helps to stimulate their appetite.”

- Augusto, Executive Chef

Residents of The Chamberlin happy about their food in Hampton, Virginia

Every Meal is an Inspiration

Our chef designs each menu to celebrate new flavors while honoring the favorite recipes our residents have come to know and love, helping delight even the most discerning diners. Peruse our sample menu, and join us for brunch or a special event at The Chamberlin.