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When it comes to your loved one getting older and the possibility of needing senior care, there are a wide range of options to choose from. So where do you even begin? It is important to know exactly what you are looking for and what your priorities are when it comes to an assisted living community. There is a lot of value from living in a senior living home that many do not realize. Senior living apartments often offer services and support with personal care throughout the day and are suited for your changing needs. Most importantly, communities like Harmony Senior Services provide the peace of mind that your elderly loved one will be safe, comfortable, and cared for.  

Cost Effectiveness 

The price of assisted living can sometimes scare away potential residents. However, it can be the most cost effective senior living option considering everything is provided for you in one monthly bill. When living at home, you and your loved one have to worry about separate bills for a house payment, electricity, internet, meals, and so much more. In addition, if you are hiring in-home help, the amount you are spending monthly becomes more and more expensive as your needs change. At Harmony Senior Services, there is only one main payment each month for everything the residents need in their daily living situation. When calculating living and care expenses, a great way to make an apples-to-apples cost comparison is to find your daily rate. Once you total groceries, gas, utilities, home repairs, car repairs, in-home care, continence management products, and the time and effort of arranging trips to medical appointments, your daily rate has climbed far above what it would cost to live in a seniors living community where all of this is provided for you. In a time of economic uncertainty and historical inflation, Harmony provides peace of mind and protection from the economic impacts of higher bills, interest rates, fuel costs, and potential supply shortages.

Maintenance-Free Lifestyle

Maintaining a home is not as easy as it used to be the older your loved one gets. A home is full of memories and represents freedom and safety, but the work that is involved to keep everything in order can add more stress and is more likely to be neglected. When visiting elderly parents, it is important to take note of safety risks around their home as well as any structural damage that may increase the risk of falls or injury.  For seniors, the physical demands of maintaining a home and yard maintenance can put them at unnecessary risk for injuries and limit their ability to focus on their health. In an assisted living community, the majority of the housekeeping is done for you! No need to worry about the laundry, replacing air filters and fire alarm batteries, or fixing an appliance, our maintenance team at Harmony is always here to help.

Better Nutrition

What you eat everyday becomes more important as you age. Vitamins and food groups that support joint, heart, and cognitive health need to be incorporated into daily mealtime.  Maintaining a healthy diet can become more difficult with age and some seniors may feel like cooking a balanced meal for one is too much work. When making the decision to live in an assisted living community, your loved one will benefit from chef-inspired, nutritious meals and snacks everyday. There is also no stress of driving to the grocery store and creating a shopping list of ingredients to buy. It is necessary to receive essential nutrients to support your health and wellbeing and our chefs create each meal with that in mind using the Crandall Dietary System. This specialized dining program incorporates the essential vitamins and nutrients needed for seniors to live healthy, thriving lives. 

If you or a senior in your family is starting to consider moving to an assisted living community, we are here to answer your questions and provide the support you need at Harmony. Our personalized knowledge of our residents in Independent, Assisted Living, and Memory Care enables us to respond to your changing abilities and needs. We provide reliable and flexible care options that are cost effective for the long-run. More importantly, we offer the ability to relax and spend time on your favorite hobbies and meaningful visits from family and friends while we take care of everything you need. Reach out to us today to learn the real value of Harmony!