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Memory Care – Harmony Senior Services

Caring for a loved one living with Alzheimer’s Disease or another form of dementia can be overwhelming and have a profound effect on everyone in your family. This is why our Signature Memory Care Program - Harmony Reflections features all the best elements of home, combined with the 24/7 support of our highly trained, compassionate caregivers. And because we know that people live happier, more fulfilled lives when they are recognized and celebrated for the individuals they are, we make sure every resident gets the specialized attention they deserve by partnering with their family to create a personalized care plan specific to their story. Our caregiver-to-resident ratio ensures that every senior who makes Harmony Senior Services their home is continually supported in an environment created to bring warmth, light, and connection to every moment.

Resident gardening at Harmony Senior Services in Charleston, South Carolina

Reflections -
Our Signature Memory Care Philosophy

As a Family Serving Families company, our Memory Care program reflects the same commitment to caring for families looking for support with Alzheimer’s and dementia care. The impacts on a family caring for a loved one diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s are complex and at times, unsettling. This is why Harmony places such an important focus on our Memory Care program – Harmony Reflections. As you join the Harmony family, you will be integrated into the care and wellness that we provide each of our residents in Harmony Square.

Reflections - 5 Key Components

Reflections is a Family Focused Art and Music Centered Memory Care Program that engages the resident's present-day experiences while stimulating positive memories through therapeutic visual and tactile aids. We partner with each resident's family to create their individual life story profile - a process for collecting and sharing the resident's life history, preferences, routines and habits. This discovery process influences how the resident will engage with each component of the Reflections Program.

Family Focused

Learning as much about the resident from our family partnerships and friends is the basis for all of our programming. We start the partnering process by working on the life story. This is our process for collecting and sharing about the resident' s life history, preferences, routines and habits. This process is never finished. The collaboration, between family and staff member incorporates care and support for all- the resident,family and staff members.

Reflections Program

Harmony’s Reflections program focuses on meaningful social engagement. The two marquis programs of Reflections are our Echoes in Time Art Program and Rhythms Music Program. “Music and Art combined create opportunities for residents to experience enhanced communication and self-expression.” Self-expression stimulates and activates the brain improving quality of life. It is important that the resident feels secure and safe. Through interactions our staff members help the resident feel not just safe, but needed. We work to interact in ways that help the resident feel engaged and have a sense of belonging, providing dignity and preservation of life skills. 


With our comprehensive assessment, the individualized care plans, and family care conferences, wellness of our memory care residents is a top priority and communicated consistently to all that provide care. Harmony partners with professional health and wellness leaders for therapy, behavioral health, pharmaceutical support, and medical attention. We use validation techniques to accept and "go into" the resident's reality or " world". A way of interacting with the resident focused on understanding and accepting the resident' s interpretation of the surroundings and sense of self within the framework of one ' s own unique history and preferences.

Dining With Dignity

“The Reflections Dining Services Program is designed to maximize socialization while enhancing each resident’s dining experience.” – Jeff Gruber, RN, CDP Regional Director of Clinical ServicesThe Reflections Dining Services creates independence while providing personalized support where needed. Our social dining model creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere with music, and attractive place settings to welcome each resident for dining. Creating and maintaining independence in dining services is a key focus. Peruse our sample menu and join us for brunch or a special event at Harmony. 

Sample Menu

Harmony Square Neighborhood

Tailoring the environment to make the surroundings feel comfortable to the resident is accomplished by working with the resident's family and significant others. Harmony Square is where you will find our Reflections program being enjoyed by our memory care residents.  Our team of caregivers incorporates elements of the resident's life story and preferences and activities are planned around routines, learned roles, and human needs. Harmony Square is designed as a secured neighborhood with additional safety enhancements for our residents. It allows for freedom of space, for exercise and movement.

Walkthrough a Memory Care Studio apartment

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Memory Care at Harmony Senior Services

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