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 impact of the economy on seniors in 2023

How Today's Economy Impacts Seniors



If you’ve felt the sting of economic changes recently, it’s safe to say you’re not alone. Whether your budget has been hit at the gas pump, in the grocery store, or on rent and utilities, we are all feeling the pressure to spend wisely and be risk averse with our investments. In contrast to younger generations who will likely bounce back from such economic fluctuations, our seniors are experiencing more urgency to protect their existing finances. The continuing impact of the economy on seniors in 2023 will depend on various factors, including the evolving state of the economy, government policies, and individual circumstances. 

Here are a few risks to be aware of and ways to protect your aging loved ones: 

Retirement savings: Many seniors rely on retirement savings, such as 401(k) plans and individual retirement accounts (IRAs), to support themselves in retirement. If the economy experiences a downturn, these savings could be negatively impacted, potentially leading to reduced retirement income for seniors. Finding a trusted financial advisor who can help protect investments and assets from risk is an excellent way to stay protected from significant retirement losses. 


Social Security benefits: Social Security is a vital source of income for many seniors. The Social Security Administration adjusts benefits annually based on changes in the cost of living, which is tied to the economy. If the economy experiences inflation or deflation, Social Security benefits could be impacted. Financial resources for seniors, such as Elderlife Financial Services, is a great way for seniors to stay educated on the best way to utilize assets such as Social Security benefits. 


Healthcare costs: Healthcare costs are a significant concern for many seniors, and the state of the economy can impact these costs. Rising healthcare costs could make it more difficult for seniors to afford medical care and prescription drugs. Many seniors seek guidance from prominent resources such as AARP, a nonprofit organization for seniors 50+, to learn more about how their medications will be impacted by economic changes and the best solutions to cut down on medical costs. 

Housing: Many seniors own their homes, and the value of those homes can be impacted by the state of the economy. A downturn in the housing market could make it more difficult for seniors to sell their homes if they need to downsize or move into a retirement community. Senior living communities, such as Harmony Senior Services, often partner with local realtors to offer seniors much needed insight on housing options. 

Overall, the economy can have a significant impact on seniors, and it's important for families to research solutions proactively through local resources such as senior living homes, retirement communities, financial planners, and realtors so all of the necessary information is ready when changes come.