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Intentional Design of Harmony Square



Many people find comfort in routines. Daily routines in senior care homes help people living with dementia or memory loss add a sense of order to their days and reduce stress. When your senior loved one can expect what their days will consist of, stress and anxiety are significantly reduced and they are able to take on more independence. At Harmony Senior Services, we intentionally design familiarity and routine into our Reflections Memory Care Program for our residents. 

Your senior loved one is more inclined to feel comfortable and happy being surrounded by familiar items. Familiarity is a very important aspect when it comes to Alzheimer’s and memory loss care. Our Harmony Square Neighborhood offers various life skill stations and kits for residents to enjoy while creating meaningful interactions with family, staff, and other residents.The more activities we can facilitate that resonate with past experiences and routines, the better. Each of our portable Life Kits are a collection of items that relate to a resident’s interests in work, play, or relaxation. At Harmony, our staff encourages our memory care residents by asking questions and allowing them to discuss their experiences through the Life Kits. Listed below are a few of Harmony’s Life Kits found in the Harmony Square Neighborhoods: 




    Garden Box
  • Small pots to decorate
  • Seeds, potting soil
  • Plastic spoons
  • Luggage
  • Old passports
  • Maps, train tickets
    Poker Box
  • Playing cards
  • Poker chips
  • Monopoly Money


Our Life Stations also inspire our memory care residents to remember positive past experiences. We have several permanent stations throughout the Harmony Square Neighborhood that offer scenarios of familiarity and routine. This includes a workbench station, nursery station, and flower arranging station. We provide these stations to inspire residents to remember past pleasures while repeating behaviors to gradually help your loved one become accustomed to new activities. 

For our residents who have Alzheimer 's disease or other types of memory loss, stimulating their senses can help them reconnect with their environment. Harmony’s Sensory Stimulation is designed to engage their senses: touch, smell, taste, and sight, in a controlled manner. A few techniques we offer are aromatherapy for stimulating the sense of smell, nature sounds for auditory stimulation, and a variety of textured mediums for tactile stimulation such as hand lotion or scrubs, dolls, and stuffed animals. 

A routine that includes activities or objects that are familiar to your loved one is key. This will create a soothing environment that brings comfort and understanding into their daily lifestyle. It also reinforces independence, builds self-esteem, and helps them retain specific skills longer. At Harmony, we understand the importance of familiarity to seniors with Alzheimer’s disease. As a Family Serving Families company, our Reflections Memory Care program reflects a strong commitment to providing and caring for families looking for support with dementia care. 


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