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Senior Stories

Senior Stories - Forever Valentines

Dick and Jeanne Trupp have been married for 65 years. They sat down together and told us their love and life story.

Senior Stories

Dick and Jeanne met in class at the University of Nebraska. He saw her, winked at her, and the rest is history. Together they raised four children in a house filled with hard work and lots of love.

Dick had a naval ROTC scholarship for college and got his degree in business administration. He was in the Navy for 24 years where he flew helicopters as a naval aviator. After he retired from the military he worked in sales at IBM for 22 years. Jeanne got her college degree in speech pathology. After staying home while their children were growing up, she went on to work as a speech pathologist for 15 years.

Two of their children live in Kansas (where Dick and Jeanne are originally from). One of their children lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. And their fourth child lives nearby in Winston-Salem. They all have their own families and children (12 total) and they welcomed their first great-grandchild to the family recently.

The secret to staying married for 65 years? Dick says he always finds ways to compromise, and Jeanne says you have to be willing to listen to each other. They feel blessed to have found each other and built a great life, family, and partnership together.

They joined the Harmony family almost a year ago at Harmony at Greensboro. They said it has “pretty much anything anyone could want.” They’ve made new friends, enjoy the food in the dining room, and like playing bridge and bingo. They still see their family as often as they can on beach vacations.

Wonderful residents like Dick and Jeanne make Harmony Senior Services the best place to live!