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 finding the best living option for your senior loved one

The Cost Comparisons of Senior Living



Are you starting the journey of finding the best living option for your senior loved one? This can be an overwhelming process that is often difficult especially when money is a large factor. Many people think the wiser choice is to continue home care due to the potential cost of senior living communities. However, the financial impact may end up costing you more money by paying separately for mortgage, utilities, food costs, maintenance, entertainment, and in-home care compared to assisted living communities or nursing homes. There are several variables to consider that go into your final monthly or yearly price. This might be dependent on the region you choose to live in, what size of space you’re looking for, and how much care you need on a daily basis. At Harmony Senior Services, everything you need is under one roof and one payment. If you’re unsure of whether a senior living community is the right fit for you or your loved one, consider these factors that affect the cost of living for a senior while living at home. 


Lifestyle and Entertainment

Everyone enjoys spending time and money on their favorite activities such as going to the movies, dining out, or a monthly gym membership. Sometimes we forget how much this can add up on top of our other expenses. At our Harmony communities, your monthly payment includes all of your senior loved ones' social and wellness activities. Dining at Harmony provides a delicious experience where our chef and culinary team prepare elegant meals every day that are even better than going out to a restaurant. Great dining experiences play an essential role in our community, offering opportunities to get to know your neighbors, share the news of the day and celebrate special occasions. In addition, if your loved one needs assistance with daily activities, our team is always ready to help to make them happy and safe while living in Harmony. 


Home Maintenance

Repairs and maintenance at one’s home can add up over the course of the year, with many unexpected costs. Replacing broken appliances, lawn care, dusting the baseboards, cleaning out gutters, the list never stops. Not only just the price of keeping up with your house, but the safety of a person drastically changes as they age. You may start to worry about your loved one falling or slipping while home alone repairing or cleaning around the house. Setting up a home to reduce accidents is also an expense that you probably did not imagine while thinking of the pros and cons of assisted living and local nursing homes. Senior residences such as Harmony, are already designed specifically for these concerns. Your senior can now take an elevator instead of the stairs everyday, and not have to worry about the next time they have to change a lightbulb or mow the lawn. At Harmony, there is always someone there to help.


Taxes and Utilities 

While living in a Harmony community, you don’t have to worry about the requirements that come with owning a home such as property taxes, supply shortages, inflation, or major utilities like water and sewer or garbage removal. Since costs like home taxes and utilities are not fixed, it can make it harder to predict future financial needs or budgets over the years. At Harmony, many of your utilities are bundled into one monthly bill with your rent. This can offer a big relief of fewer responsibilities or remembering to pay the bill on time!


Savings Resources for Seniors

Finding easy-to-understand information for your senior loved one and financial services can sometimes be complicated. When researching assisted living options, financial questions involving loans, long term care insurance, life insurance, or perhaps VA benefits can arise. We want to provide you with a solution that focuses on your needs and fits in your budget. Elderlife Financial Services is here to help you create a financial plan that suits your senior living needs. They are the nation’s only consumer lending company designed specifically for senior living. Building a strong line of communication with a financial advisor will allow you to better understand your options so you can quickly receive financing to move your loved one into senior living while you wait for more permanent funds to become available.If you or your loved one has served in the military, the US Department of Veterans Affairs provides healthcare services and helpful guidance to veterans and their families. And when you’re ready to start having these conversations, our Harmony family is here to offer our partnership, experience, and care. 

We have created a Cost Comparison Worksheet to help compare the cost of your living arrangements at home to our worry-free lifestyle at Harmony. Start researching senior living options with Harmony today. You may be surprised with the outcome!