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The Value of Memory Care


The Reflections Program is one of many care options offered to residents so they can live happier, more fulfilled lives - where they are recognized and celebrated for who they are as individuals. Families and loved ones of an individual living with Alzheimer’s Disease or another form of dementia can rest easy knowing that they are receiving the highest quality care at Harmony Senior Services. 

What does holistic dignity-based care look like at Harmony Senior Services? Harmony Senior Services creates a home and a neighborhood - Harmony Square, a secure memory care neighborhood for residents through a person-centered approach, preserving their highest level of dignity.

Harmony’s Memory Care Neighborhood, Harmony Square,  includes all amenities, features, and highly trained staff with specialized training in Dementia and Alzheimer’s care. The always secured neighborhood and adjoining courtyard provide residents with a sense of familiarity and control while being constantly monitored and cared for. Carefully coordinated routines and activities are planned that engage the resident’s minds following the science-backed Signature Harmony Reflections Program. 
Reflections is a Family Focused Art and Music Centered Memory Care Program that engages the resident’s present-day experiences while stimulating positive memories through therapeutic and tactile aids. Harmony partners with the residents’ families and local professional health and wellness centers to curate a life story, including the resident’s life history, preferences, routines, and habits. This process influences how the team develops a resident’s individualized care plan and how the resident engages with each of the 5 components of the Reflections Program:

  • Family Focused
  • Wellness
  • Reflections Program
    • Echoes in Time - Art Therapy
    • Rhythms Music Therapy
  • Dining with Dignity
  • Harmony Square Neighborhood

Harmony’s Reflections program encourages parts of the brain responsible for creativity and human connection. The two marquee programs of Reflections are the Echoes in Time Art Program and Rhythms Music Program.

“Music and Art combined create opportunities for residents to experience enhanced communication and self-expression.” - Jeff Gruber, Regional Clinical Director

The Reflections Program allows every resident to tell their story through art and music. The program focuses on each resident’s stage of Alzheimer’s or dementia and is a conversational experience that stimulates positive memories. Visual and Tactile Aids are provided which residents will interpret through art and music using a variety of mediums including paint, dance, and song. By actively creating, residents are engaged in an enjoyable experience that focuses them away from their daily concerns or disorientation and allows them to express their creative communication process. Seniors with cognitive and memory challenges benefit from art and music therapy by expressing new and abstract forms of communication.

The benefits of art and music therapy include:

·        Increased socialization with peers
·        A sense of confidence and independence
·        A means of self-expression and creativity
·        Strengthening of essential motor skills

Caring for our Memory Care residents like they truly are our family sets our Memory Care apart. Contact your local Harmony community today to learn how we can make Harmony home for your loved ones.