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The Value of Visiting Harmony Senior Services

Have you just begun your senior living search? It can be overwhelming. Where do I start? What is most important to me? What level of care will I need? Where does it all fall within my budget? Visiting Harmony Senior Services will answer all of your questions.

See for Yourself

When you walk into one of our senior living communities, you will see a friendly receptionist ready to point you in the right direction; you will see residents chatting, walking, and dining; you will see brightly lit and accessible common areas; and you will see an array of spacious apartments.

Get a Feel for It

When you walk into one of our decorated apartments, feel it out. Pour a cup of tea, sit on the sofa, and soak in the views from the balcony. When you walk into one of our activity rooms, feel it out. Hit a few balls in the billiards room, pour a cup of coffee in the bistro, and put a puzzle together in the library.

Taste and Tour

When you walk into our spacious and dressed dining room, take a seat. Allow us to serve you a meal that will represent your future meals with us. Take a pick from our varying daily menu, let our professional chef whip it up, get served by our friendly waitstaff, and enjoy a meal with your loved one.

Smells Like Home

When you walk into one of our senior living communities, it will smell like home, not a hospital. We take great pride in keeping our communities clean, safe, and fresh. Our cleaning staff works hard to follow proper cleaning protocols and our maintenance staff works hard to follow proper safety procedures.

Listen to an Expert

When you walk into our office, ask all the questions you have. Let our knowledgeable Executive Director, Sales & Marketing Director, and Healthcare Director answer all of your burning questions and make you feel more confident in your senior living decision.

Visiting one of our communities will help you get a sense of what senior living at Harmony Senior Services will look, taste, smell, sound, and feel like. Schedule a tour with one of our associates today and take the next step in your senior living journey.