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Value of Harmony VS CCRC



As we age, there comes a time when the ability to provide necessary care is not as easy as it once was. An important part of feeling comfortable and confident in your senior living decision is the ability to comfortably age in place. This is where the term “continuum of care” comes into play to help your loved ones have access to the levels of care they need while also preserving their independence. At Harmony Senior Services, our flexible living options and multiple care levels enable us to respond to changing needs with agility without the financial burden of a substantial buy-in fee required by continuing care retirement communities (CCRC).

At Harmony, we offer Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care all under one roof. Our continuum of care offers consistency with our wonderful associates regardless of your loved ones current needs or care level. There are many benefits to senior residents who decide to live in a community that provides a continuum of care. Here are a few benefits that are seen throughout all of our communities in Harmony:

Maximum Quality of Life

We offer quality of life, a sense of independence, and peace of mind for our senior residents and their families in each of our care levels. The unknown can be scary, especially when health situations can change suddenly for seniors. When living in a senior living community, staff members are available to respond to our residents' needs whenever they arise. Living in a senior living community allows your loved one to spend each day with familiar faces that they will learn to know and trust.

Increased Flexibility 

Continuum of care services for our senior residents aren’t one-size-fits-all. Our licensed healthcare professionals conduct regular assessments to determine the best fit and benefits to create a personalized care plan. Unlike the “nickel and dime” pricing structure of CCRCs, Harmony offers levels of care that are as flexible as our resident’s needs. Our care team incorporates our resident’s life story along with their medical history in order to understand the best and most effective way to provide care. We appreciate our residents and their families' input to determine what best suits their needs!

Value of Harmony

The high entry costs, unforeseen fees, fee-for-service contracts, and the array of contract modifications that can occur within a CCRC are daunting and can deplete the overall value of senior housing as the best care option for you or your loved one. Our communities offer the personalized and luxury senior living experience you deserve with the care that you need without all of the hidden added fees. At Harmony, we put your comfort first with our large, spacious apartments designed with finishes and appliances that allow our residents to feel like home in each stage of care. With plenty of common areas throughout the community to keep residents active, it is much easier to build strong relationships and stay connected.  We understand that fluctuating surroundings and having to relocate can negatively impact the health and wellness of seniors searching for consistent and long-term care. Harmony provides a senior living community that feels more like home and without the stress of an extensive contract or entry fee. Explore our Cost Comparison Worksheet to learn more about the Value of Harmony and chat with our Virtual Sales Team to schedule your tour today!