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Welcome to our Harmony Journeys Program


Harmony Journeys is our new traveling program, where each month in 2023, our residents will take a virtual trip to a popular destination from the comfort of our senior living community. Have you ever wanted to go to France in February to see the Eiffel Tower or travel to Mexico in May to soak up the sun while sipping on a margarita? This program provides learning opportunities and activities for our residents who have always wanted to travel to new or familiar places, near or far. Residents, who were world travelers during their early years, have opportunities to share their exciting stories of favorite memories and places. 

It’s programs and social engagement opportunities such as Harmony Journeys that sets our communities apart from less modern nursing homes. This adventurous program will incorporate engaging activities for our existing residents and family members while also demonstrating to prospective new residents why Harmony is the best place to call home. Independent, Assisted Living, and Memory Care activities will be specially selected to include a variety of opportunities for residents to participate. Each month we will host a themed dinner, social events, and themed educational programs based on each destination location. Do you know the most populated nation on Earth? Join us for our Harmony Journeys Program to learn this and so much more about the world! Harmony Journeys will be traveling to :

  • January- China

  • February- France

  • March- Ireland

  • April- Italy

  • May- Mexico

  • June- Greece

  • July- United States

  • August- Bahamas

  • September- England

  • October- Germany

  • November- Spain

  • December- Holidays around the world 

There are many reasons why our Harmony team wanted to create this program for our residents and family members. First, through Harmony Journeys, our residents will have more of an opportunity to engage socially with our associates and other residents in this virtual travel experience. We want our residents to feel a greater sense of community and spend less time isolated because senior living should be fun! Secondly, Harmony Journeys provides a variety of mental stimulation for our senior residents through activities such as learning how to write your name in a foreign language to experiencing various types of art and music from other cultures. Without mental stimulation, seniors in assisted living are at risk of declining cognitive skills including: awareness, attention, perception, and memory. Our goal is that through this program and the experiences it offers, our residents will stay connected and gain a sense of educational accomplishment after each month’s journey. Finally, we want our residents to truly thrive and enjoy where they live. At Harmony Senior Services, our communities are designed to feel like home and offer an unparalleled living experience. We want to continue having delicious dining, days filled with activities, and the convenience of care while offering a new and exciting way to keep our residents happy and engaged. Through Harmony Journeys, your senior loved one can experience different cultures, food and fun while virtually traveling to a new destination each month. Sit back, grab your passport, and let’s go on a journey!