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Senior Living

What does "ready for senior living" look like?

Have you been wondering if you or your loved one is ready to move into a senior living community? You are not alone! Reaching out for help can be hard, but Harmony Senior Services is here to guide you through this big decision for yourself and your family. Start by asking yourself a few questions…

Is your home feeling too big and burdensome to keep up with?

When all your kids were home it was great to have the big beautiful house. Now that they’re all grown up and having kids of their own, the house is too big. There are too many bedrooms to clean. There may be stairs that are difficult to get up and down. And don’t even mention the lawn. At a senior living community, you can officially cross home maintenance off your to-do list.

Is cooking more stressful than relaxing?

Cooking used to be a way to unwind in the kitchen and prepare to enjoy a meal with your family around the table. Now all cooking involves is the stress of grocery shopping, meal planning, and dish cleanup. At a senior living community, you can enjoy delicious meals prepared by a professional chef, served to you by friendly waitstaff, and enjoyed with friends in a beautiful dining room.

Are your family and friends having to consistently check in on you?

When your family and friends visit you to catch up it is wonderful. When your family and friends visit you to check and make sure you’re okay it is discouraging. No one wants to be a burden to others, especially the people they love the most. At a senior living community, you have 24/7 aid if you need it, so you can get back to visiting with family and friends just because.

Are you feeling lonely, isolated, and bored?

Your days used to be filled with work and family time. Now that you’re retired and your children are creating their own family time, your days can easily feel lonely, isolating, and boring. At a senior living community, you can make new friends with similar interests, participate in a variety of daily activities and events, and be a part of a great community with others.

Have you recently had a fall or caused a fender bender?

Did you recently fall because of stairs or hazards in your home? Did you recently rear-end someone because driving is getting hard for you? These are signs you may need a little more assistance with everyday activities. At a senior living community, a full care assessment is conducted to see what your daily health needs are. Also, there’s no need to drive because transportation is provided.

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, it means you or your loved one are officially “ready for senior living.” Harmony Senior Services offers a continuum of care, delicious dining, and amazing amenities. Visit one of our communities today to experience our senior living options.