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Autumn Activities for Seniors


With the cooler weather in the air, it is a great time to get outside and enjoy fall activities with friends and family. For many seniors, it may become an excuse to stay inside every day, bundle up, and read a good book or watch a favorite movie. However, becoming sedentary during this time may lead to some physical and cognitive decline. 

Senior living communities offer an active and engaging alternative with plenty of indoor and outdoor amenities for everyone to use so no one is cooped up inside their room all day! These amenities play an important part to your loved ones’ wellbeing and offer more than simply a place to “spend your time”. The intentional purpose they serve can enhance the quality of life for residents living in senior housing and striving to remain active. At Harmony Senior Services, we provide amenities that benefit you and your loved ones. Our communities offer so much more than nursing homes and we consciously create a space where our senior residents can socialize and gather with their neighbors. There is no better time to do this than in the fall months where football, food, and tailgating can be right in the center of the fun! 

Staying active and social during the cooler months are vital factors for seniors to remain both mentally and physically healthy. The colder weather can take a toll on your loved ones due to the fact that bones become more brittle as we age and finding suitable outdoor activities can be a real challenge. Harmony provides a variety of ways to enjoy fall activities with our convenient amenities and daily calendar of engaging activities for friends and family!


Grilling Outside

Cooking with your close friends is always something everyone loves and is entertained by. At our Harmony Senior Services communities, we offer a grilling area with outdoor seating that is a great way to socialize while eating a delicious meal. Who doesn’t like a good hamburger or hotdog while watching football on the weekends? Our team is happy to assist you in planning a fun event for guests and residents to enjoy. 

Play an Outdoor Game

Enjoying the great outdoors by playing a game is always a great way to socialize in senior housing communities. From cornhole, to bocce ball, to horseshoes, there is always something available for everyone to enjoy. If you prefer to spend your leisure time playing card games, try the idea of playing outside if the weather permits and get some fresh air! At Harmony, we have a variety of indoor and outdoor common areas to accommodate large events or more intimate gatherings. 

Take a Walk

Getting the legs moving is always a good idea no matter the weather! For seniors, blood circulation is not as efficient as it once was during our younger years, so make sure to bundle up to stay warm while participating in outdoor aerobic activities. Our communities have plenty of dedicated spaces to walk around and explore while staying safe. We’ve made it convenient for your four-legged friends as well, so feel free to bring Fido.  


We understand that it is not in everyone’s best interest to be outdoors when the season turns cold. That’s why Harmony also has great indoor amenities that can help your loved one stay mentally and physically active inside our community.

Our residents aren’t the only ones who benefit from Harmony’s amenities and activity spaces. A family member of a current Harmony resident recently commented,

“They have a library, an activity room, and a small exercise room. There's also a small theater so they can watch evening movies, even though most people have cable in their rooms. It's a nice social aspect of the process, I think that's awesome”.  

Having purposeful amenities will play an important part in any senior housing community to keep residents engaged and thriving. Harmony Senior Services offers independent, assisted living, and memory care communities that feel more like home, are spacious and inviting, and strive to make each day filled with meaningful activities. If you are thinking of having your loved one relocate to senior living, contact Harmony today!