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Holidays at Harmony

Caring for Senior Loved Ones This Holiday Season

Check in on your senior loved ones this holiday season.


Safety - Is the home and lawn clutter free? Are there trip hazards like extension cords or various items on the floor? Is your loved one able to clean and maintain the house?

Nutrition - Is there healthy and fresh food in the fridge and pantry? Is your loved one preparing and eating well rounded meals?

Medication - Have their medications been refilled recently? Are they being taken as prescribed? Can your loved one tell you what each is for? 

Financial - Have bills been opened and paid? Do you see any evidence of financial exploitation in billing statements? 

Supplies - Does your loved one have enough food, bottled water, medicines, batteries, toilet paper, etc. to ensure they can safely experience another quarantine?


Before your visit:

- Check yourself for symptoms.

- Don't go if you're feeling sick.

- Limit your exposure prior.

- Get a COVID test if possible.

During your visit: 

- Check everyone for symptoms.

- Wear a mask.

- Social distance.

- Gather outdoors if possible.

- Don't serve food buffet style.

After your visit: 

- Check yourself for symptoms.

- Check in on your loved one's health.

- Continue to wash your hands, wear your mask, and social distance.


If you have any questions about senior risk of COVID, please call. Our senior living experts can help you navigate these areas and provide support to you and your loved ones.