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Homemade at Harmony Cookbook



Homemade at Harmony was created to share favorite recipes from our residents and staff throughout all of our communities. We believe that some of your fondest memories are made around the dinner table with your closest friends and family. There is something very special about the family cooking tradition that is at the core of most families everywhere. There is no better way to capture and hand-down the cooking traditions and recipes than with a cookbook! 

When we asked our community to send us their recipes that reminded them of home, they were more than thrilled to share. Homemade at Harmony is split up into two different categories of recipes, the first section filled with savory favorites, and the second filled with delicious sweets. At Harmony, we understand receiving the correct nutrition is an important part of a healthy lifestyle for everyone, especially your elderly loved ones. With that in mind, the majority of our recipes incorporate the right amount of nutrients to help stay healthy and happy. But don’t worry, we still have a handful of desserts and snacks because that’s what we like to call a well-balanced diet for everyone!

There were many reasons why we decided to create this cookbook. First, it is a great way to honor and celebrate the great cooks and share their favorite recipes to anyone who wants them. Second, a cookbook is a meaningful way to celebrate someone’s heritage and background. The cooking tradition helps us remind us of our roots with our family’s traditions and old recipes. With our Homemade at Harmony cookbook, we wanted to capture our residents and staff family’s cooking heritage and share them with everyone involved in our community. Finally, cookbooks make an amazing gift during the holidays. It is a thoughtful and personal gift that any of your friends or family members would enjoy receiving. 

From broccoli casserole, to classic meatballs, to chicken pie, to rum cake, to chocolate cream squares, there is something for everyone to enjoy in our Homemade at Harmony cookbook. As a family serving families company, we focus on learning as much about the residents and their family, including their cooking traditions! We hope you enjoy our Homemade at Harmony cookbook as much as we loved creating it for you! Here are a few pages from our cookbook to show some of the delicious meals and treats!