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Resident Feedback Hotline


Our focus is to ensure that we are delivering excellent care and services to our senior residents every day. We know that we always have the opportunity for growth and one of best ways to identify those areas is through resident feedback. In partnering with Syntrio, a third-party ethics hotline, Harmony families are equipped to voice their opinions and concerns with complete anonymity. Contact us via Syntrio at 833-591-9299, Keyword: harmonyresidentfeedback or by clicking the Syntrio below.

A Service Provided by Syntrio | Confidentiality Commitment
Syntrio is an independent provider that assists your organization to identify improper activity. We are committed to protecting the identity of all persons who use our secure reporting system. Reports are submitted by Syntrio to the organization's designee, and may or may not be investigated at the sole discretion of the organization. Although we will not disclose your identity without your express permission, it is possible that your identity may be discovered during an investigation of the matter reported because of information you have provided.