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Healthy with Harmony

Top 10 Stress Relief Tips

1. Move Your Body

     Studies show that doing physical activity improves mood, reduces stress, and is good for you overall. Go for a walk, take a yoga class, ride a bike, or dance around your house.

2. Eat & Drink Better

     The more processed, sugary, and caffeinated your diet, the higher your stress, anxiety, and weight. Eat more fresh foods, drink less alcohol, and cook at home more. 

3. Set Your Phone Down

     Screens are unavoidable, but there are ways to reduce screen time that will help reduce stress. Set screen time limits and step away from your desktop frequently.

4. Practice Self-Care

     When you're taking care of everyone else and not yourself, your mental health decreases. Take a bath, read a book, get a massage, do a face mask, or stretch your body.

5. Phone a Friend

     Support from your friends and family can help you cope with stress and improve your quality of life. Call your mother, go to dinner with friends, or join a local club.

6. Lessen Your Load

     Putting too much on your plate both at work and in life can increase your stress load exponentially. Say no more often, set work boundaries, and don't overfill your calendar. 

7. Go Outside

     Studies show that spending time in nature is a healthy way to manage stress and improve your quality of life. Go hiking, stroll through the park, or go camping. 

8. Meditate

     Overflowing thoughts, lack of focus, and excess hormones can cause stress and fatigue. Go to a guided class or download an app, focus on your breathing, and meditate. 

9. Get Creative

     Another way to get out of your own head, reduce stress, and improve your mental health is to get creative. Listen to music, try a new hobby, or write in a journal. 

10. Catch-Up on Sleep

     Enough sleep is what your body and brain need to recharge and reduce stress and anxiety. Start a bedtime routine, get blackout curtains, or set a consistent schedule.